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What to expect from Counselling

A Professional Approach

I understand that coming to counselling can feel a little daunting; sharing some of our private thoughts and feelings with someone that we do not know can be hard and can feel a little strange. I make every effort to make you feel comfortable and at ease by offering you a safe, confidential space for you to talk openly, and at a pace that suits you. I am committed to ensuring that you will feel heard, accepted and understood and I will make every effort to appreciate what it is like to be you, to help you understand your feelings and emotions and find a way forward that works for you. 

To further reassure you, before we begin the counselling process I will meet with you for a 30 minute assessment session and during this time you will be able to decide if you want to work with me and to ask any questions that you may need to. This initial session will also help me to understand what you would like to achieve from counselling and will help me to get to know you a little.

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